next step SEARCH & RESUME - You have six seconds to make an impression
All I do, all day long, is listen, counsel, aim and fire to position you for your most ideal next step, whether expanding your organization or joining a new one. 
Call me in confidence for your NO COST, NO Strings Consultation: Pamela Toro: 714.345.3859.

Do you find it difficult to write creatively, intellectually and objectively about your accomplishments?

Does it boggle your mind trying to capture all of your unique hard and soft data on a resume or job description of 1-2 pages?

Are you frustrated with referrals and hires that prove a mis-match to your culture?
What do your professional online and print profiles communicate about you?

Have you found third-party executive search a less than "effective" growth strategy?

Do you ever wonder what happens to your resume after it's uploaded to the Internet "black hole"?
Navigating today's competitive professional environment is challenging on so many levels, it's difficult to even know where to begin.
Clients appreciate our unique combination of intuitive professional recruiting and strategic hiring, understanding of value and cost, composition and creative aptitude, and mastery of the latest technology and networking to help you effectively reach the right audience, generating interest in YOUR unique offering, and equipping you with the crucial tools to take that perfect next step.

Pamela Toro is an Executive Recruiter, visual artist, part-time editor and writer whose years of hiring and professional marketing expertise results in your distinct, personal brand development!

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